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At Pacific Oak Dental, Dr. Thompson and his staff provide dental care to kids in a warm and anxiety-free environment. We believe that happy smiles come from healthy teeth, and love sharing our philosophy in a fun and engaging manner with your child! Our office was designed with your child's health and comfort in mind. We have a fun and engaging play area, kid-friendly technology like digital x-rays, and an office favorite; picking a post-visit treat from the toy box!

Our friendly and experienced staff love working with kids of all ages. Indeed, many of them, including Dr. Thompson, have small children themselves and know how important each visit is in establishing a trusting, and long lasting relationship. We look forward to meeting your child and helping them learn how fun dentistry can be.

Read more about our team and office in the pages below:
•  Meet the Doctors
•  Meet the Staff
•  Technology

We invite you to browse through our website and learn about what to expect from your child's first dental visit, or what to do in case of an emergency. Please give us a call at 503-357-9122 if you have any questions, or to schedule your child's dental appointment.

Meet The Doctors


•  B.S: Portland State University
•  D.M.D.: Oregon Health Sciences University, 2005
•  Certificate in Advanced Education for General Dentistry: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor


Dentistry is constantly changing and my goal is to remain current with this dynamic health profession, which is why I have become a member of the professional societies shown below. With the help of a strong educational background, and participation in local dental societies, I hope to provide the best possible treatment for my patients and promise to be conservative in my presentation of treatment options.

About Me

While away from the dental office, I have the privilege of spending time with my beautiful wife Kimberly and two wonderful children, Baylie and Kaleb. Together, we enjoy activities that include camping, boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, golf, skiing and snowboarding.


•  Washington County Dental Society
•  Oregon Dental Association
•  American Dental Association
•  Academy of General Dentistry
•  International Congress of Oral Implantologists
•  International Team for Implantology


•  Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry
•  Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantologists
•  President, Washington County Dental Society (2012-2013)
•  Voted one of Portland's "Top Dentist" every year since 2009—USA Top Dentists

Meet the Staff

Crystal has worked in dentistry for more than 10 years, and has been a member of Pacific Oak Dental since 2006. She has spent 7 of those years as a dental assistant, and in 2008 decided to take a leap into the administrative side of dentistry.

She takes pleasure in providing patients with a positive dental experience by offering her knowledge of dentistry and compassion for people, while always lending an open ear to patient questions, comments and concerns. Crystal actively participates in continuing education courses to keep up with the ever changing administrative and clinical world of dentistry.

Crystal is an Oregon native and grew up in Forest Grove, where she currently resides with her husband, two daughters and a dog. She and her family love Oregon and all of the outdoor fun it has to offer. Camping, backyard BBQ’s, gardening, and family walks to the local park are just some of her family’s favorite ways to spend time together.

Gabby Vandehey, EFDA

| Dental Assistant

Gabby joined the Pacific Oak Dental team in 2013. She received her Expanded Function Dental Assisting certificate from Anthem College in 2011. Gabby enjoys caring for children and after graduating she spent some time working in pediatric dentistry. During this time she was part of a unique team that provided dental care to children in a hospital setting. Since joining Pacific Oak Dental she has expanded her knowledge in all aspects of general dentistry including Invisilign and most recently an in-depth course in Implantology. Gabby takes pride in making sure that all of the patients she assists for feel comfortable and well cared for and hopes each patient’s dental experience is a positive one. She especially loves seeing our youngest patients because they are truly the most “fun”!

Gabby was born and raised in Oregon and now resides in Forest Grove with her fiancé and their beloved dog and cat. Outside of work Gabby spends her time surrounded by family and friends, and enjoys BBQ’s, camping, riding horses, dirtbikes and banshees. She has also been busy lately planning a beautiful country wedding where she will marry her high school sweetheart in July 2017.

Brianna Hansen, RDH

| Dental Hygienist

Brianna, "Bri" spent a large amount of her childhood in a dental chair which sparked her initial interest in dentistry. As a result she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in 2013 from Pacific University. When Bri is not at Pacific Oak she exercises her expanded functions dental hygiene permit at Compassion Clinics as well as on mobile dental vans with Medical Teams International. Bri loves dentistry because it is always evolving, and she is able to build meaningful relationships with her patients.

On the weekends, Bri enjoys participating in running events, discovering new hiking trails, and traveling home to Pendleton, Oregon to visit with family and friends.

Shandy Bean RDH, BSDH

| Dental Hygienist

Shandy has been a member of Pacific Oak Dental since 2015. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Health Science from the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in 2014. Shandy loves being a hygienist because it allows her to build relationships with her patients whom she calls friends in the local community. Her role as a hygienist also fulfills her desire to educate people on the importance of daily oral hygiene and how routine visits to the dental office can play a significant role in a person’s overall health.

Shandy is a native Oregonian who grew up in Hillsboro. She married her high school sweetheart and together, they welcomed their son, Jaxon, into the world in November of 2015.

In her free time, Shandy can be found volunteering for the 'Tooth Taxi', spending time with her family, exploring new family adventures with their son ‘Jax’, visiting local coffee shops, or taking her bulldog 'Gus' for a walk.

Shannon Parra EFDA

| Dental Assistant

Shannon has been in dentistry since she received her Expanded Function Dental Assistant certification in 2007 with the Dental Assisting National Board. She has been a part of Pacific Oak Dental since 2009, although she took a short break from dentistry while she pursued another passion of hers, and went back to school to become a licensed hair stylist. During this time away she also explored and learned other areas of dentistry most notably dental implantology. We happily welcomed Shannon back in 2016.

Shannon has an extensive background as a surgical assistant. Her knowledge and experience with the placement of dental implants makes her a valuable asset to our team. Our patients find her warm chairside manner especially comforting. Shannon’s passion for dentistry is not limited to the office. She enjoys learning the latest surgical techniques through continuing education courses. This allows her to speak confidently with our patients regarding their concerns with treatment.

Shannon is an Oregon native from Hillsboro, she currently resides in Forest Grove with her husband and Chiweenie. She enjoys cooking and loves to travel!

Kacie Anaforian, RDH, BSDH

| Dental Hygienist

Kacie joined the Pacific Oak Dental team in 2015. She is an Oregon State University alumni, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science and minor in Chemistry. She continued her education and received her Bachelors of Science in Dental Health Science from Pacific University in 2011. Kacie loves her career choice as a dental hygienist because it allows her to build relationships with her patients as well as educating patients on their oral health.

Kacie was born and raised in Oregon, and loves doing all the outdoor activities that Oregon has to offer. On her days away from the office she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the beach, and trying new local restaurants.

Erin Miller

| Patient Care Coordinator

Erin has worked in customer relations her entire career. She came to Pacific Oak Dental in early 2018. She is new to the world of dentistry but no stranger to healthcare. A majority of her customer relations experience was based out of a call center and her desire to use her people skills in a more personable setting is what drew her to her current position here at Pacific Oak Dental. Erin, is a genuine people person and truly enjoys working with patients to assist in providing a positive dental experience.

Erin is a native Oregonian and grew up in nearby Gaston. As a young adult she ventured into the metropolis of Oregon only to be drawn back to the quaintness of Forest Grove where her and her husband are raising their young daughter, Lyra. They enjoy adventuring with Lyra and showing her the wonders of the world near and abroad. Outside of work Erin has many hobbies but some of her favorite things are crafting, sewing and knitting, and she shares her love by hosting classes to teach children and adults. Erin, ironically has a kitten named Toothless a name in which her daughter chose based on a beloved character.

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Crystal Bertsch, EFDA


CEREC Same Day Crowns

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is an instrument that we use to restore your teeth. The CEREC allows us to provide you with ceramic fillings that are naturally colored and can be bonded to your teeth quickly.

With this instrument, we no longer have to provide you with plastic temporary crowns while we wait for your permanent crowns to come in from a dentist laboratory. We can do the entire crown procedure in one day, thanks to CEREC one visit crowns.

Learn more about how CEREC same day crowns can help you.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are a primary tool for early identification of dental problems. Detecting issues with x-rays before they become problematic can save you money in the long run. Early detection can help prevent the need for more extensive, expensive procedures or surgeries. X-rays are primarily used to detect:
•  Internal tooth decay
•  Cysts (fluid filled sacks at the base of your teeth)
•  Tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous
•  Impacted teeth
•  Teeth that are still coming in

At Pacific Oak Dental, we use digital x-rays, which have several advantages over traditional film based x-rays. Digital x-rays allow us to take x-rays with 1/5 of the radiation that you would receive from traditional dental x-rays. The worry of exposure to excess radiation is eliminated.

Large on-screen x-rays make patient communication more effective. The immediate observation of the images on the screen allows us to discuss your dental health quickly and accurately.

Digital radiography has greatly enhanced the practice of dentistry. It allows the patient and the doctor to see images of the teeth in higher resolution on a large format for easier detection of problems, all while decreasing the radiation exposure to the patient. The process we use further defines the radiograph, resulting in clinically meaningful images that are sharp, detailed and rich in contrast.

Images are available instantly after exposure, eliminating the wait and effort spent developing and mounting x-rays. If an image needs to be retaken, it can be done immediately. Digital format also allows us to send and receive your images electronically, allowing for a faster consultation with your dentist.

Intra-Oral Camera

X-rays give us a clear view of what we can't see such as decay between the teeth. An intraoral camera gives the patient a view of what the dentist sees. An intraoral camera is a device that is about the size of a toothbrush. Broken fillings, fractured teeth, decay or any other dental problem can be viewed so that we can discuss with you any treatment needed. With a clear understanding of your dental needs we can decide together what the best treatment is for you.

We use ultrasonic scalers for most adult dental cleanings. These devices use ultrasonic vibrations to help break down the plaque and calculus on the teeth that cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The ultrasonic cleaners create microscopic bubbles that implode on the surface of the tooth, killing microbes and removing plaque and tartar in the process. Our instruments use a thin tip to better navigate in the periodontal pockets to help maintain optimal gingival health.

The procedure uses water and/or an antimicrobial liquid called chlorhexadine. It can remove tartar buildup in hard-to-reach areas, with no damage to the tooth enamel. Manual scaling often uses pressure for cleaning, while the vibration produced by the scaling tip of an ultrasonic scaler is barely perceptible. This makes ultrasonic cleaning suitable to those with sensitive teeth. The cleaning process is faster than manual scaling, making your visit more comfortable.

After your teeth have been cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaner, your teeth will be hand scaled to check for any residual deposits and then polished.

3D Imaging

At Pacific Oak Dental, we utilize 3D imaging in order to better understand the anatomy of your mouth. The cone beam technology provides crystal-clear and precise digital images. The 3D imaging machine gives Dr. Jared Thompson a 3D image of your jaw, which is imperative when planning the surgical placement of implants so you can avoid vital structures like nerves and blood vessels. By using this state-of-the-art technology, we can diagnose issues much more accurately and develop the best possible treatment program for you.

A typical dental x-ray will just focus on the teeth, and for each image, you'll need one exposure. Therefore, to get the same picture as a 3D image, you'd need many exposures. 3D imaging shows considerably more than a simple 2D x-ray, as this newer technology will provide more accurate and complete visual information from every angle. Best of all, the system allows us to properly give a diagnosis while exposing you to minimal radiation levels.

Our 3D imaging system is essentially a digital x-ray that is mounted to a rotating arm. Similar to a digital camera, the system uses digital technology in order to record your images rather than traditional film. When it is time for your scan, the scanner will move in a circle around your head. After one revolution, the scanner will have gathered all of the necessary data. You don't need to make any special preparations before your scan.

Using 3D Imaging & CEREC Together

You can have implants as early as the second appointment. Integrated implantology for CEREC users is now even easier, thanks to the new SICAT OPTIGUIDE method for preparing surgical guides.

In the past, the dentist had to take a conventional impression in the first session in addition to a CBCT and CEREC scan as the basis for creating an x-ray and surgical guide. The SICAT OPTIGUIDE simplifies and accelerates the process, requiring only a CBCT scan and an optical impression with the CEREC AC.

Text source: Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D


At Pacific Oak Dental, Dr. Jared Thompson uses laser technology to remove tissue, control hemostasis, and heal heretic lesions.

Jared M. Thompson, DMD
1951 Oak Street Suite A
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Call 503-357-9122

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